Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

While losing the originality of the original Scream's concept by default, this second entry into the series nevertheless hits all the right notes and turns its rarely tiresome premise into a spectacle of fun and thrills. Although many complaints about Hollywood's sequel culture frequently build on the assumption that sequels need to do something new and original, Scream 2 manages to make its approach of warming up the original work, and still ends up feeling fresh and captivating.

It all begins with one banger of an opening sequence that still might be remembered as one of the most iconic moments of the Scream franchise, and the journey rarely goes downhill from there. In fact, Scream 2 never allows its core concept to feel over-explored, and instead cheekily knows how to make it all entertaining once again, with a brilliant twist and some genuinely enjoyable genre thrills. I know I say this as a major fan of the entire Scream series who can barely infuse this review with any objectivity, but I cannot really understand how anyone might be disappointed after knowing what the first film did. This is still Wes Craven in top-form, with a cast ensemble that consists of "oh I know you! and you! and you!" moments from beginning to end.

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