The Social Network ★★★★½

Undoubtedly one of the most important films of American cinema during the last decade. Obviously, its relevance stems from the increasing influence of Facebook on the world and its impact on social media in general, but David Fincher managed to translate the legal tribulations of Facebook's creation process into a nail-biting social thriller with highly important statements on American culture.

The cast of The Social Network is flawless and perfect. While Jesse Eisenberg is obviously at the heart and center of the movie, and he does indeed completely vanish into the role of Mark Zuckerberg, I have always found Andrew Garfield to bring an unexpected level of quality to his performance. The Armie Hammer twins, Justin Timberlake and Rooney Mara are just a few of the really fascinating characters portrayed in The Social Network, but it still baffles me that Garfield wasn't more rewarded for his impressive work.

Jeff Cronenweth's dusty and incredibly cool cinematography as well as Aaron Sorkin's captivating screenplay deserve to be singled out additionally. One of the great works of the last decade.

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