tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★

"You just keep throwing them against the wall and hoping against hope that eventually, something sticks."

At some point of tick, tick...Boom!, Judith Light's Rosa Stevens tells Andrew Garfield's Jonathan Larson that when you are a writer, you'll have to keep going even in the event of failure. Even when nobody gives your words a second thought, you will have to keep writing, and keep writing, and keep writing, because looking back at your past shortcomings, or even giving up is not going to get you anywhere.

tick, tick...Boom! is a reminder that art requires patience, an appeal to keep going even if your first works go unrewarded. In what appears to be the central thesis of this film, it reminds you to keep going against all obstacles, even when you feel that time is running through your fingers and slipping away from you. Even when you get older, and with every passing day are reminded of your doubts about not having achieved what you wanted to achieve, or not having achieved what others of your age might have achieved by now.

Apart from the strong musical numbers that will be stuck in my mind for a while, this is truly the Andrew Garfield Show. And don't get me wrong: the supporting cast ensemble does an amazing job, with the utterly fantastic Robin de Jesús, as well as Bradley Whitford as the most notable standouts. But Garfield is the driving force of this entire movie, to the point that you struggle to identify Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial influence on the project because Garfield overshadows everything else. That's also why it did not matter that I am not much of a musical theatre person at all, and never even knew much about Jonathan Larson before this film: Andrew Garfield embodies Larson with so much empathy and charisma that it captures your attention even if musicals are not your thing.

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