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  • Wonder Women

    Wonder Women


    Best New To Me 2021

    And finally I discover the movie the embodies so much of what I love about Vinegar Syndrome - down to the fact that the music they use over their logo on all their releases comes from the opening theme of this amazingly funky early 70s soundtrack. Unknown, genre adjacent, low budget, sort of sleazy, sort of violent, high concept and a complete blast.

    Really, this is so awesome. Early 70s riff on a James…

  • Minor Premise

    Minor Premise


    Best New To Me 2021

    Released under the radar last year and admittedly I never heard of this micro-budgeted hard sci-fi gem until Vinegar Syndrome put it out last month via its partner label Utopia.

    This reminded me of a combination of Primer and The Fly but not as obtuse or gooey. This is anchored by a really stellar and challenging performance by Sathya Sridharan who is asked to reflect 10 different aspects of his personality competing for control…

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  • ZeroZeroZero



    I watched this back in 2020 but neglected to throw up a review or log it.

    One of the very best streaming series I saw last year. Unapologetically cinematic from start to finish. Spanning multiple continents and various languages this is gripping storytelling from start to finish.

    Ultra violent in parts and not for the faint of heart, but highest recommendation.

  • Bug



    Best New To Me 2021

    I've kept managing to miss this over the years, but noticed it was streaming on Hulu and since my home theater is out of commission for a little bit until my newborn switches rooms (long story), I opted for this.

    What a nasty, paranoid acting tour de force. Very clearly based on a stage play, with a single set and limited cast this is really about watching Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon gradually, and…

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  • Bride of Re-Animator

    Bride of Re-Animator


    Best New To Me 2021

    The day before my daughter was born some 20 months ago, I watched Reanimator. There was no plan there, it just sort of happened. So when looking for something to watch the day before my wife's scheduled "C" section for my son, I queued up the sequel.

    Directed by Brian Yuzna with effects by Screaming Mad George this is over the top goofy, gonzo, gory fun from start to finish. Jeffrey Combs and Bruce…

  • Nobody



    Best Of 2021

    Sometimes when a movie delivers exactly what you expect it's a disappointment. Other times, when its done really well - like it is here - it's fantastic.

    Nobody is basically old guy John Wick from the director of Hardcore Henry, but damn if Bob Odenkirk isn't a true badass here. Well staged and choreographed action set pieces and a brisk 90 minute runtime so it doesn't overstay its welcome. The finale at the warehouse has some inventive elements and is thoroughly satisfying.

    You won't be disappointed here and some days that's enough to earn 4 stars.