Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube

Hooptober 7.0

Film 39/39 - Extra Credit #2

Well that was something.  I’m used to sequels with diminishing returns or being constrained by smaller budgets and a lack of returning talent, but this one takes it to a new low.  The first Cube had a winning concept, nasty gore, smart twilight zone set up and an internal logic that at least carried the film through.  It’s sequel dispenses with all of that and saves only the most surface level similarities.

Yes, there is a cube set that is recycled, but gone is the clever, internally logical concept and novel gore action.  Gone is the bad acting and replaced with atrocious.  Gone is the inventive use of the single set by varying the colors and way of shooting and replaced with needless bad angles and a uniformly stark white set.

Oy, in case you couldn’t tell I hated this slog.  Worst of Hooptober and that’s saying something considering I also watched Howling II this year.

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