Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★

Friday The 13th - Ranked

A bit too sarcastic and goofy due to the Freddy component for my F13 binge, but this is still a fun entry and a decent entry in both series.

I might object to the CGI and the Kung fu fighting, but these are quibbles even if the “pinball” sequence is groan inducing.   It feels more like a Freddy movie than a Jason movie and that probably helps by adding narrative momentum beyond the two icons just meeting up and fighting.  

Of course this completely ignores any mythology or continuity with either series but, again, that’s also probably for the best.

Some good kills and Freddy hijinks and Jason doing his Jason thing.   I did forget how grating later period Freddy could be by ending every sequence with a bon mot with a “, bitch!”.    “Welcome to my review, bitch!” Snore.....

It was fun to see Katherine Isabelle in an early role (even if I’m pretty sure it was a body double in the overhead shower scene).  She became one of my faves in Ginger Snaps and American Mary.

That’s the end of my F13 journey except for the remake.  I’m already nostalgic for the earlier entries (i.e. 1-4).

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