King Kong

King Kong ★★★★½

Decided to revisit this in my run up to Kong vs. Godzilla premiering this week.

I had a poster of this one in my room growing up and it was one of my favorite movies before I even saw it, lol. It has a special place in my heart still.

It's an astonishing accomplishment in filmmaking and it was made 90 years ago. Even the first part of the film as Denham looks for an actress and finds the luminous Fay Wray works. Having some time on the boat to establish the love story between Wray and Bruce Cabot is crucial. When we finally get to Skull Island the film really takes off. I remember being terrified when the natives sneak to the boat and kidnap Fay Wray. From there the movie doesn't let up.

Non stop action as the crew chases Kong and they both encounter and fight various dinosaurs. Incredibly well executed stop motion animation and mattes. Truly amazing for the time.

The beauty killing the beast theme really works and despite Kong killing so many, by the end of the film I still can't help but feel so sad as he's about to fall off of the empire state building. Incredible "acting" for a silent animation scene.

What a wonderful film still.

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