Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

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Having seen most of the classic Godzila movies, I decided to give this recent Toho relaunch a shot and wasn't at all disappointed. Similar to the original in that it highlights the ineptitude of man and his bureaucratic machinations. Watching as terrified humans jockey for political advantage in the face of an unknowable, all but unstoppable force (of their own making) underscores the terrifying reality of the world we live in. While the original may have been a metaphor for weapons of mass destruction, this plays more as an allegory about our reactions to climate change.

Higher messages aside, this is a thrilling monster jam of the highest order. The certerpiece o the film - Godzilla's laser take down of tokyo is an all timer. Brilliantly executed and legit scary, when lasers erupt from Godzilla's back in all directions I was like "oh fuck!"

Of course the film leaves open the possibilities since Godzilla isn't destroyed as much as stopped - for now. Alas, the american Godzilla films took priority an Toho had to wait until 2020 to get back to its franchise. Not sure what's next at this point, but I'm there for it.

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