WandaVision ★★★★

One of the biggest problems with prestige tv shows is the whole “movie in X hours” thing.  WandaVision, however, successfully threads the needle of having truly episodic storytelling fused together with a season long arc.

The first few episodes are pure magic and the comedic skills of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany really get a chance to shine.  Then, the aspect ratio starts to shift and we begin to discover the larger, more “Marvel-ly” narrative and characters.  By the end, the show has done a great job weaving themes of grief and loneliness into the larger narrative and need to move certain characters from point A to point B within the larger Marvel universe. 

This is a show this was appointment television for 9 weeks and water cooler stuff in an era where only DIsney seems to be able to pull that off anymore.  Sure, the last couple episodes became more standard fare CGI battle type superhero stuff, but the groundwork that had been laid made it seem like it had more gravitas.

Marvel TV on Disney + is off to a great start.

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