Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Maybe because I am A Star Trek fan that survived several really bad trek films, but I think SW nerds are spoiled. Is SOLO perfect? Nah but it boggles my mind that some "fans" are in full backlash mode against Kathleen Kennedy. Where was this during the prequels?

Solo starts off rough. the scenes on Corellia are bad. You can't see anything, the dialogue is bad, and Lady Proxima looks stupid.

The movie gets better when we get to Chewie. It is not all on the big furry guy but he helps. After that everything works for me. Lando is perfect, the Kessel Run is fun, The falcon perfect.

I wont go to the mat to defend it like Last Jedi but it was fun. and if it means anything I got Kathleen Kennedy's back.