Carol ★★★★★

I disliked this film on my first watch back in 2017. I found it hard to stay engaged—to me, back then, it was slow. Boring. Completely uninteresting. I didn’t understand why so many people adored it and esteemed it so highly. I read the price of salt a year or so later and didn’t much enjoy that either. But, for whatever reason, on a second watch, I was so invested. What before dragged on, turned into hours feeling like minutes. What was emotionless and cold was suddenly feeling their emotions so deeply I could feel it pang in my chest. I still am unsure whether I even remotely like the characters (besides Abby. Sarah Paulson, in her few scenes, is a total standout), but there’s no denying that this is a beautifully crafted film well deserving of its praise. I’m happy to add this as one of my favourite christmas films now 🎄🎁❄️

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