Enola Holmes ★★★

Enola holmes is a good, cute and innocent movie that I don't mind at all.

I think I like this more than Ritchie's Sherlock movies but it's still nowhere near the excellence of the bbc show. The very best thing with this movie is that it looks really really nice, the sets, costumes and make up make are great and like I said, it doesn't feel like Sherlock but that isn't really a problem. I enjoyed the two leads, Millie Bobby Brown was great even though I found it annoying that she broke the fourth wall a lot. What I didn't like was Mycroft and Sherlock, I didn't buy that Cavill was Sherlock and I didn't like how Mycroft was written or played.

The story was probably the worst part of the movie. I had fun with the mystery, which I almost always do witg mysteries since I'm a sucker for riddles, schemes and mind games. But the story was messy, kinda disjointed, it was full of loose ends and it felt longer than necessary. When I thought the movie would do something bold they just threw that away for the most overused cliches ever. The antagonist was really weak and they did my boys Mycroft and Lestrade dirty.

Overall a fun, relatively well made movie that I don't regret seeing but I can't see myself revisiting it.

Added to my Sherlock ranking.

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