Hereditary ★★★½

So this was my first time watching it and yeah... it was very good.

I'm don't really like to watch horror movies, it's usually something I have to force myself to watch so when I felt like watching this I did so immediately, which was in the middle of the day. And because of that, it was bright outside, I might not have gotten the maximum scare experience.

This movie is more unsettling and disturbing than straight up scary. It was just horrifying to watch this woman's world crumble around her. And the family dynamic in this film felt uncomfortably realistic and somewhat relatable. And when everything was starting to come together towards the end, it was great and deeply unsettling.

The best thing about this however was Ari Aster's flawless and incredible direction. My god does this movie look good! Everything from colour grading, to production design and cinematography was basically perfect. I wish I could have my name attached to this craft. All of the camera angles, tilts and everything are stuff that I want to do and I have seen very few do it better than Aster. This is a movie I will probably watch a lot in the future just for the direction alone.

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