I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

I haven't watched this movie since January so I forgot HOW great it is. How was this not nominated for more last awards season? The Cinematography is great, Margot and Sebastian are captivating, and the editing was good!!! And I never talk about editing!!! But why couldn't they add Tonya Harding by Sufjan in the ending credits lemme know

Anyways, here are some things I yelled out while watching this/want to call attention to
-"He hits me. But my mom hits me, and she loves me too, right?" FUCK
-When Tonya calls us all her abusers (um, kinda not true but let's move past this) but hOW COULD I, COURTNEY, DO THAT AS A HALF SPERM HALF EGG AT THE TIME TONYA
-I love the ending with OJ like I know that it's what happened but it's a nice bookend
-The editing/choreography of her falling in the boxing ring and he triple axel almost made me tear up
-The fucking bird on her mom's shoulder was REAL
-also, Allison saying 'no comment' to the press made me think of CJ Cregg, so that's why she won the Oscar I think.
-THIS SOUNDTRACK IS SO GOOD. It's still one of my driving playlists. Devil Woman? The Chain? Barracuda? Gloria? What a mixtape made just for me thank you.
-okay I'll just stop now

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