If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk ★★★★★

“Unbow your head, sister.”

This was the most magical movie I’ve seen in a long time. It feels almost rude to just call it “beautiful” but every adjective doesn’t seem to do it justice. The story is poignant and I wanted to stay with these characters so much longer. 

- I could watch this movie on mute and still cry because of the visuals. But!! The script is damn good too. The “meeting” scene with the families was phenomenal and I wish there were more scenes with them.
- “I hope the Holy Spirit shrivels up that thing” and the entire theater GASPED 
- everyone in this movie is beautiful 
- Regina King is amazing and her motherly love just transcends through the screen
- You know that gif on New York saying “Beyoncé?!” that was me halfway through this movie but with Dave Franco
- Paper boi, Paper boi, all about that Paper boi 
- also...Alfonso...damn. Not all men. That entire first time scene made me almost cry cause at the moment I couldn’t think of ever sleeping with someone in such a loving way and then I started thinking if I ever had a sexual encounter where I felt that protected/cared for and now I need to go through my sex diary where I keep detailed notes of every man that my dad will publish one day in Anne Frank form when I die  
- why is Green Book winning shit over this?????
- ANYWAYS the final scene with their son when they pray b r o k e me and also felt strangely comforting. Gosh, I love family. I love all women everywhere. I love love.

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