Midsommar ★★½

A too long for it's own good (most likely problematic) horrorcomedy? Film

If Ari Aster is writing himself into the main character then it feels self conceited, Dani is written realistically with emotional depth and Christian is written as a one dimensional pastiche of a SNL skit character. Also the theme of going through a breakup is super convoluted and watered down with a whole lot of scenes that are "hey this stuff is weird right?" Aster attempts to be shocking and disturb the audience but he comes off inconsiderate especially with the whole demonizing actual people with bipolar disorder.

The film could be justified for being long for two reasons.

1. Taking in the beauty of the shot (but a lot of the shots are washed out in light losing the details of the figures making them painfully long, there is a fair amount of symmetry but that is mostly due to set design)

2. Taking in the emotional impact or intellectual philosophy of the film. (But The emotional impact is only relevant to the first 15 minutes and there is no substantial philosophy of the film).

It's a mean spirited experience that I think doesn't really pay correct homage to it's influences, whether that is drama, horror or even comedy.

Set design and costumes good though.

Ari is the new Lars. Just waiting for the Nazi announcement.

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