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  • Elf



    that christmas movie trope where every character spends most of the film thinking the protagonist is clinically insane ❤️

  • Euphoria: Trouble Don't Last Always

    Euphoria: Trouble Don't Last Always


    listen i love bottle episodes. i LOVE them. let me sit somewhere with the characters for a while! let me see them be still, excuse themselves from their show’s usual pace, and discover something new!

    this was not a good bottle episode :-)

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  • The Baby-Sitters Club

    The Baby-Sitters Club


    “i thought i was more important to him”
    “you’re important to us”

    this movie MADE me. here were girls who wore loose overalls and dirty converse, who were bad at science and lying to each other, who got nervous and angry and jealous. they leaned on each other and worked hard! they came from different homes and struggled with different things! they found in each other something that was better than dads, boyfriends, etc. and that meant a lot to…

  • The Thing About Harry

    The Thing About Harry


    i am fascinated by the shawn mendes motif