Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

“I think Nick Fury just hijacked our summer vacation.”

The “in memoriam” never, EVER fails to send me into orbit. This is a vast improvement over Homecoming to me, even though I’m still not a massive fan of the direction that they took MCU Spider-Man in. Hopefully he starts to break out even more from the “Tony Stark Jr.” role as he progresses in the MCU and becomes his own hero, hopefully more akin to other Spider-Man incarnations. More swinging and actually taking place in NYC please!! I’ve also come to realize that I’m not super fond of the MCU’s take on MJ either, she’s basically just the physical manifestation of “I’m not like the other girls”. Also, where’s the love for Hulk?! Like I know he didn’t die but he was the one who actually brought everyone back, but Tony gets all the glory and murals 🙄🤚. But overall, this movie strikes a better tone than Homecoming did, and I find it a lot more enjoyable.

And with this, my sister and I’s MCU rewatch is done! I’ve had a great time finally watching the MCU movies that I hadn’t seen and rediscovering my love for many of the others. I wrote in my WandaVision review that getting back into the MCU has kinda helped to bring me back to who I was before the pandemic, and yeah. It’s cheesy but revisiting these stories really did remind me of how excited and passionate I get for them (and for movies in general). It’s also been really fun talking with people on here about them :). Even if no one really reads through my ramblings on here, it’s nice to have somewhere to dump all of my musings!

Side note: I’m glad that this rewatch has also helped me to finally solidify my MCU ranking!

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