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  • After the Screaming Stops
  • Brewster's Millions
  • Brass Eye
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  • Down And Out


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  • Down And Out

    Down And Out


    Above average safety film in terms of lighting, sets and constant falling down. Top marks for the stunt guy here! Wearing leather shoes in a warehouse and slipping on a jelly donut is defintely a fate you want to avoid.

  • Promotion By-Pass

    Promotion By-Pass


    What did Robbins do wrong? A real cliffhanger in this bygone office culture instructional drama.

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  • Back in Action

    Back in Action


    "Don't mind me, I'm just Billy Blanks with an insane facial expression, wearing double denim and going apeshit on anyone and everyone in sight. HEYAYYAYAYAAYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA."

    A bonkers actioner that must have used every squib available in the GTA, Back in Action makes up for an uninspired plot and pretty lousy acting (it's notable how quickly they get Blanks kicking faces to avoid having him speak) with nonstop battling and blowing stuff up. Piper is in top form here, never the…

  • Sisters with Transistors

    Sisters with Transistors


    Fuck. Yes.

    A really inventively-made doc with shockingly good B-roll, superb editing, light touch narration (with no on-camera secondary interviews!) and a killer soundtrack, obviously.

    I was a bit worried that it would be TERFy, since Wendy Carlos is not included in the main lineup, but she does eventually get her own segment, however brief. A friend argued that its because she's much more commercial than the others—I think Maryanne Amacher disses it as playing "dead white men's notes", which,…