Enola Holmes ★★★½

Manages to have just enough of the Young Sherlock Holmes 'fun' vibe to its first two acts to see it through to its disappointing climax, using all the weapons in MBB's locker to steal the show from everyone else......

She's the reason the twee fourth wall breaking works, using her effortless Downey Jnr-esque sass and charm and borderline annoying precociousness to brilliant effect. The film knows this and wisely uses this and her to great effect to slowly reel us into the double mystery at the film's heart - the disappearance of her mother and the attacks on the life of her new friend/love interest the Marquis of Tewkesbury - combining every cinematic trick in the book to engage us in the fun romp it wants to be and mostly is.

The Holmes Brothers are wisely marginalised, never losing sight of MBB as the film's core, and the film is light, frothy, engaging and just pure fun, in almost exactly the same way the classic Amblin Holmes film was all those years ago.

And yet it runs out of steam as the mysteries start to be solved - the Tewkesbury strand ends up ultimately listless thanks to no real explanation to the politics at its heart; and the lost mother strand downright annoys in its conclusion, with no answers offered, other than well she may be a murderous terrorist but hey, she's still my mum......

For two acts this is brilliant fun, it just couldn't maintain it all the way through to the end. Still worth a watch for MBB in her real star making turn though.

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