The Apartment ★★★★★

The film is as stunning as this new restoration on the Arrow set (it really is that fantastic an image, well worth double dipping for even if you won previous versions on blu) - it remains that stunning blend of jet black darkness (workplace blackmail, mysogyny, rampant adultery, the pimping out and horrific objectification of women by men in powerful positions, attempted suicide.....shall I go on?) and humourous whimsy that Wilder perfected with this film.

Casting 'good guys' like Lemmon and McMurray as the utter bar stewards they are (come off it, Lemmon knows what he's doing - playing pimp in return for promotion????) helps the first half of the film immensely in shading these characters with just enough depth to make you start to care about them.

Throw in Maclaine who is the definition of pixie dream girl here, and you have a winning triumvirate to offset that blackness at the heart of the film. The lightness of touch setting up these characters and situations feels like its almost a romantic comedy in these early stages, even though we know what's going on, we can't help but be beguiled by them all and drawn into this light and frothy tone the film establishes.

That the film changes tone at the midpoint, moving away from the humour of the situation to the repercussions and a much more serious point of view, and doesn't lose the audience one iota speaks volumes for the script and character work at show and it remains the masterpiece of writing, tone and character it always has been.

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