The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

A beautiful, haunting look at loss, it also manages to give us a really nice riff on the supernatural as we follow Rebecca Hall drowning her grief following the suicide of her husband.

As Hall tries, somewhat unsuccessfully to deal with these events, strange goings on start to happen at her beautiful lakeside house (of course her husband was an architect....aren't they all?). Doors keep opening, the stereo turns itself on, mysterious footprints appear to come from the lake where the body was discovered........whilst it begins with every trope in the book, it soon turns into something much more interesting with the discovery of a mysterious part completed house in the woods that's an exact mirror of their own home and a raft of photo's of women who all look almost exactly like Hall on the husbands phone.

Its difficult to avoid the stereotypical with some of these ghost stories, but this one surprised me with where it went. Never forgetting to keep Hall and her human grief at its heart, the film felt like a perfect antidote to the teen focussed fodder flooding the horror market place at the moment, with a very grown up approach to its spooks, matched with a sumptuous look and sound design (thanks also to the stunning 4K, Dolby Vision and Atmos transfer on the streamer).

Even if you're jaded by the likes of Netflix trying to dumb down modern horror, give this one a spin.

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