Tenet ★★★½

Nolan’s latest is a gigantic spectacle of a Bond like adventure only a bit more interesting and a bit harder to grasp hold of by its ending. Tenet is not just loud, but it puts you in the burning building with the bullets whizzing by your ear. Couple this with the bombastic Ludwig Göransson score and it’ll be enough of an auditory experience alone. The action overall is great, so much so there’s quite a few moments throughout that left my jaw hanging. The exposition, character depth, and their motivations seem to be where a lot of the discourse happens. It’s like if some of the best and worst parts of Inception and Interstellar were put on display. Nolan has a way of making his characters more serviceable to the plot but still making them feel real enough to latch onto, making the case for his ways of high concept with little but enough compelling moments by its end. I do feel like that was the aim here again but a high speed chase juggling a time element never letting go of you for 2 and a half hours can leave audiences emotionally inept when it’s time to turn on the water works, and doesn’t help if the well is as shallow as its characters. It may not be vital but I do think a repeat viewing is called for considering the grasp for the concept totally could give further depth to the film and the characters as a whole. Overall, still a fun time with loads of cool shit and some people just don’t like a fun time with loads of cool shit.

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