The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Riding with the consensus seems to be the fairest take on this one and for good reason. Coming from someone who has no experience with the book, the film itself seems to be tackled quite well. There’s hardly a balance between good and bad here with some harrowing violence outweighing the faith and hope. The dull and bleak moments are complemented with just as dull and bleak cinematography which lines up with the overall tone. The beginning feels like the most well done bit, offering much meatier moments before it adds the rest of the ensemble. Skarsgard, Melling, and Keough are a cut above the rest. Pattinson brings enough to the table where neither high praise nor shuns for his shticks make much sense. Holland proves he’s capable of more than the MCU has to offer but Sebastian Stan is even more intriguing by the end. Can’t say it’s ever easy to tackle what Campos did even at 139 minutes. Neither becomes half baked nor baked to perfection but definitely a cut above satisfactory as it’s portioned enough for the stacked cast and paces well throughout. Well worth the time.

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