Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★★

An unexpected surprise, with a strong stretch of ~45 minutes that felt like the best time I’ve had at the movies this decade. Extends on Tony Scott’s original in every aspect, paying appropriate homage to a beloved cast while effectively punching in its emotional center throughout. It may be surface level, but Cruise is so dialed in and with that in tandem with some exhilarating fight choreography and undeniable tension, Top Gun: Maverick explodes as the event film of the year thus far. I can’t say I loved Jennifer Connelly or one character reprising his role here, but it becomes serviceable by the end as an attempt to heighten the looming redemption story so desired to be told. See it on the biggest screen possible and feel the joy of a packed theater, swarming with radiant dad energy of 1986.

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