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This review may contain spoilers.

The anti-A Star Is Born is right. Everything you thought it was going to be...forget it. Nothing from the previews would’ve ever prepared you for this pop astist trying to keep her star studded status in the face of the media, terrorism, and addiction. The ending is where a lot of people seemed to be lost and for good reason. We see Celeste on opposite sides of stardom, one where she creates the hit (played by the remarkable Raffey Cassidy) and the other when she’s making the worst music of her career but however at her peak (played by Natalie Portman). This reflects a lot of artists because we follow their progression and still praise them despite making such garbage music at the height of their careers. What’s really captivating is that last performance because WE know how cringe and bad it is. I definitely feel and hope this intentional. 

This is almost 24 hours after my first watch and I’m just waiting for some reddit thread to pop up and connect the terrorism back to Celeste. When she talks about making the deal with the devil and “making a big mistake”. Yeah something is fishy here. Drop your comments and let’s talk. I know it’s brought up for interview purposes to try and take down Celeste. Maybe I’m looking in a room with nothing in it, but it’s the dark backstory I want.

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