The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

this was sooooooo long. i agree with every review that said this would be a better mini-series because it would’ve. i felt like they wasted such a stellar cast. some of the ones i wished i got more out of were RILEY KEOUGH, ELIZA SCANLEN, sebastian stan, and even though he was the entire first 40 minutes bill really stood out to me. i felt like they kept referring to stan’s corruptness but didn’t actually dive into it so i felt unfulfilled. same with ALL of the female characters, they just wasted these women and their characters. it felt like they were just there to help the male stories and i didnt like any of it. all of the girls deserved better.
so tom. he had his moments that could’ve been better but i really enjoyed him in this. he showed off his talents and i cant wait to see him grow and get better as an actor. and pattinson. I HATED THAT FUCKING ACCENT. im sorry i cant. his performance was great. BUT THAT FUCKING ACCENT EVERYTIME I HEARD IT I FUCKING CRINGED WHAT WAS HE DOING?????
anyways, this movie was alright. im very sad to see how wasted this cast was. i think this movie had potential. but to anyone who has read the book, do you recommend?? i would love to know so i can buy it possibly :) hopefully its better than the movie

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