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  • Candyman

  • The Card Counter

  • Schumacher

  • The Power of the Dog

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  • Candyman


    Damn! 1 of my fave horror films as a kid. Now ruined by this mediocre attempt. Everytime I see Yahya Abdul I always think of Jon Jones. I need to c Yahya Abdul in a Sports Bio movie next plz or Comedy. Tony Todd the OG.

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter

    Slowburner! Had high hopes for this one! Issac one of my fave actors esp after Inside Llewyn Lewis. Scorcese produced & another character study from Paul Schrader in William Tell.

    Oscar Issac is Gripping as Tell. Totally in control esp with that damn breathing sound effect in the background. Hardened by his past he is now a Gambler. A very responsible n efficient 1 at best. He encounters 2 characters who sway him during the Film.

    1st being Tiffany Haddish who…

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  • Lansky



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Harvey Keitel still the OG! Enjoyed this Mafia Biopic million times then Tom Hardys Capone.

  • Schumacher


    Schumacher will always b my Guy! 97 Formula was 1st PS1 game along with Jonah Lomu & Shane Warne Cricket. That Silverstone track will always be legendary & that 2000 Japanese Grand Prix will always b No1 ❀ Ferrari v McLaren what a classic rivalry.

    Super Sad on Senna passing & how Michael's current conditio. When he retired I stopped watching F1. I see Hamiltons has shattered his records. But Michael's control and relentless was unmatched at his peak. Lastly gr8 to seeing how loving he was as a family man & how is family look after him now and his Legacy.