Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

A good time at the movies. I don’t think this one really needed to happen, but it happened and it’s really fun. It’s a wonder that Ron Howard was not only able to pull it off, but shoot something this tight and coherent. I guess that’s why they hired him. I would have loved to see Lord and Miller’s version of this, but I don’t think they’d have been able to match Howard’s ability to handle so many moving pieces with such precision. There are three major action set pieces in the film that all do an amazing job at juggling multiple moving parts, but the Kessel run is an absolute marvel. I felt like I was a kid again watching this, complete with John Powell’s blissful rearrangements of the original themes, and Bradford Young lighting the Falcon in the most creative and downright beautiful way since Empire. There’s a lot of bad too, but I don’t really care one bit. This is not one of the better Star Wars films, and it’s still a heck of a good time. Let’s just enjoy what we enjoy and move on from what disappoints us. The people entrusted with crafting this new era of Star Wars films so far, including Kathleen Kennedy and all the writers and directors, have put their hearts and souls into crafting the best possible films they can, for us, the fans. It’s been fascinating and immensely rewarding getting to see other directors tackle George Lucas’ galaxy in new and fresh ways. It won’t always be perfect, and Solo certainly isn’t, but it’s Star Wars. And as long as there are Star Wars stories, I’ll be happy to come along for the ride. 

If we do get another one of these it better be titled The Calrissian Chronicles.

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