The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★½

“ Why two? Because during performances I handle them a lot. They damage easily” 

When you look at it, this is simply art. When it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing images I think there is no one greater than Krzysztof Kieslowski, simply the greatest. The most perfect use of colour palette and using objects that can be considered vintage now is just perfect. And that can be considered a big reason why his movies age better with time. 
Music used is also perfect enough to create a certain emotion that this film demands. 

Movie follows story about two identical women (Weronika & Veronique) who are connected in some way even though they have different lives and live in different countries. I won’t go much into the plot but we first see the life of Weronika for a short time and then see Veronique’s life for remainder of the movie. We see them sharing a sense of feeling that they are not alone and someone is sharing a life with them. We also see Veronique having a feeling of grief after what happens to Weronika. 

One question in my mind remains unanswered regarding Weronika’s death, that whether her death was a natural occurrence or whether it was the reason that she saw her identical self on the streets and found out that there exist a similar person like her? And just after that she dies at an early age. 
First case seems an easy and more obvious reason but I can’t help myself thinking about the second case also.

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