Come and See

Come and See ★★★★

Come and See may not be quite as shocking or disturbing as it’s reputation may suggest, but it is certainly a very emotionally draining experience that holds back little to no punches. 

Not only is it the horrifying acts committed that can get under the skin, but the reactions and faces of the actors are some of the most expressive and visceral in any film I’ve seen. Dialogue is unnecessary since the faces can tell you all and much more. Seeing such damaged souls becomes quite contagious as we can almost feel how empty these characters are. And in terms of characters, Come and See doesn’t quite try too hard with them, with the main character being an obvious exception. His arc is done practically perfectly with Klimov organising an intricately tragic loss of innocence. More minor characters are still very memorable though not touched on as much as Floyra. 

Visually, the film is quite ahead of its time. Some of the sweeping long takes and Klimov’s attention to realism is beyond impressive. I can see why it would be a hard watch for some, but I found the cinematography to actually have quite a magical airiness to it at times. It’s oddly just as enchanting as it is mortifying. The use of close ups was a genius idea, but strangely became repetitive quickly for me. It’s probably my biggest problem with the film, though it’s one of few. 

Overall, Come and See very well may be the ultimate anti-war film as almost every aspect is handled spectacularly, from the visuals to the sound. 

My rating is very close to a 4.5.

Thanks for reading this bad review :)

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