Aladdin ★★½

Why? What was the point to remaking Aladdin? At least with The Jungle Book, it felt like there was a point to remaking it. It took on its own identity separate from original film. But... like... why this? Clearly, Guy Ritchie had no passion, no vision, and no creativity when he made this.

I hated the world this movie took place in. In a good film, the world will feel real and teaming with life and possibilities. But this movie's world felt like a constrained set design. Everything looked so basic and fake. I kinda see why everything is CGI these days - no one knows how to set design. And the editing - it was so fast and quick, I couldn't tell what was happening. Incredibly sloppy and easily the worst part of the film.

That being said, this is not a terrible film. If you let go and have a good time, there is some hilarity to be found, especially from Will Smith, who is clearly marketed as centerpiece of the film (and with good reason). There's no topping Robin Williams, but he successfully brings a hilarious interpretation to the role and has plenty of funny dialogue with Aladdin that I laughed at. That being said, though, don't expect this movie to bring anything else than the occasional base-level hilarity.