Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Heart warming and the funny acting was on another level. 

I love Taika Waititi’s work, from Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy and to Thor. I don’t know how he can make a film that plays with your emotions so much. One minute it’s heart breaking then within 30 seconds your laughing your ass of.

Music was banger after banger. It was nice to see that every song wasn’t shoe horned in. It mixed in with the visuals really nicely. 

Acting was so good. The two boys were magical and funny. The girl was really good. Scarlett Johansson was pulling my heart strings. Sam Rockwell was funny in every scene and he did something in the film that put a tear in my eye.

And not to forget the great main man Taika Waititi. He was so funny and stole every scene for me.

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