Red Rocket

Red Rocket ★★★★

Red Rocket is a film that brilliantly captures the worst of humanity. There are almost no characters tat are not involved in something bad which makes it either hit or miss for the viewer. The atmosphere here is balanced between chaotic and calm and it's all due to Sean Baker's great work as an editor.

Simon Rex gives an incredibly nuance performance. He is by far the most conflicting character in the whole film and he does a lot of illegal things, but you still can't help but root for him. Suzanna Son represents exactly what Simon's character is missing and like a hawk, he tracks her and then catches. Her bubbly personality is what made this film much more enjoyable than it could have ever been. Bree Elrod is also great and the best thing about her is that you like her charatcer at first, but in the end it all turns into hate. Almost everyone in this film is a non-professional actor and it makes it much more genuine and sincere.

The story told in Red Rocket is as simple as it gets, one guy doesn't care for anyone and even when he meets someone special, the only thing on his mind is to exploit the most out of this person. But the way this story is presented and how the song «Bye Bye Bye» is written into the narrative makes it one of the most memorable experiences of 2021 which shows how much you can achieve with a small budget if you put your heart into it.



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