Suspiria ★★★½

One thing I really wanted the original film to do was put more emphasis on the dancing and its role in the coven's rituals. Well this version definitely delivered on that front. All the dance scenes are great and their use as horror devices is very unique. The first scene with Olga's death is particularly memorably brutal.

The plot is serviceable and stronger than the original's in many regards; although the film makes too much "space" with all the diversions from the school to track the errands of an old pyscoanalyst. The film is trying to use him to make a wider political statement of some kind but taking out the 30 minutes given to him would of really helped the films pacing and given the whole film more punch.

The dream horror images are interesting. The music is good but I would of liked if it was used more intensly throughout. The film also brings back some of the unique architecture of the original which I like, but decidingly does away with the vibrant colors found on Argento's version. The two films together make a nice yin yang highlighting differences of approach in film making and demonstrate horror trends of the past and present/future.

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