The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

Shane Black's back (say five times fast) with another quiptacular buddy film. A mix of many of my true loves: comedy, the 70s, noir, booze, and Gosling. Essentially Black giving us a series of classic genre set ups and then subverting them for comedic effect. In the end it's all for nothing except yuks, but man what yuks.

Unless my next re-watch of the great Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is truly transcendent then this is my favourite film Black has made. Pure entertainment.

I guess I'll use this part to tack on some praise for Ryan Gosling. This film isn't the best example but Gosling has a true talent for doing almost nothing on screen, and it's fantastic. Very few actors are so confident on camera. Some are so pre-occupied with doing 'something' that it can come off as laboured and take us out of the scene. Instead of projecting his characters emotions onto us he creates a lot of blank spaces for us to project our emotions onto him*, and that is true connection. He's the best.

*My buddy calls it the "Gos Pause"

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