Ugetsu ★★★½

A very simple moral tale told with grace. So simple I honestly have no idea how to write about it. But, this is for a club* so....(don't read this)

It's a parable essentially about the buddhist teaching "Life (meaning modern life/attachment) is suffering." About two men who have their minds perverted by greed and envy. The story is tragic, but hopeful. The lesson is harsh, but one learns that if know what is really of value it can never be lost.

Love the way the camera calmly and unobtrusively glides around, almost always moving. And when it is static, there is usually some movement in the frame. Harmony! I've never seen a Mizoguchi film before but will watch more! Particularly like his rare, purposeful cuts. keeps the pace steady!

This is the first film watched for the newly formed 'Club Friendship*' and the theme of the month was "academy award nominated costumes." So I guess I should talk about the costumes.

They seemed legit. Period appropriate, perhaps made of silk? Reminds me of a fun Cary Grant anecdote. Ryan O'Neal once asked him for advice on how to act in a comedy and all Grant had to say on the matter was "Make sure you wear silk underpants." Odd duck that Cary Grant.

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