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  • The Wind Will Carry Us

    The Wind Will Carry Us


    The title is a reference to the following poem written by famous modern Iranian female poet Forough Farrokhzad.

    "In my night, so brief, alas, the wind is about to meet the leaves.
    My night so brief is filled with devastating anguish.
    Do you hear the whisper of the shadows?
    This happiness feels foreign to me.
    I am accustomed to despair.
    Do you hear the whisper of the shadows?
    There, in the night, something is happening.
    The moon is red and…

  • Fireworks



    The Japanese title translates into 'Fireworks", but if you look further into the basis of the Japanese character for 'fireworks', you will see that it is composed of two smaller words - 'fire' and 'flower'. And like the linguistic basis of the title, the story and style of "Hana-Bi" is the synthesis of two opposing images, one being an agent of destruction, and the other a symbol of birth and renewal.

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  • Z



    The movie is based on the events surrounding the assassination of democratic Greek politician Grigoris Lambrakis. On May 22, 1963, Lambrakis was attacked and struck on the head (in the same manner depicted in the film) by right-wing extremists after giving an anti-war speech in Thessaloniki. He died of brain injuries from the attack on May 27, 1963. Following Lambrakis's assassination, a military junta of right-wing generals seized control of the Greek government in 1967. During this time, the letter…

  • High Noon

    High Noon


    The release of High Noon intersected with the second Red Scare and the Korean War. Therefore, the movie has been interpreted as an allegory for the failure of some of the Hollywood community to stand up to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAAC) during senator Joseph McCarthy's Communist inquiries. Writer Carl Foreman himself was summoned to appear before the committee due to prior membership of the American Communist Party, and was subsequently blacklisted when he refused to name other members.