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  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    This film emulates it’s subject well because I can’t really find any flaws with it. The entire audience laughed and cried throughout and this is pretty much as feel-good as a documentary can be. The legendary humanitarian and his revolutionary little show deserved a proper film and Morgan Neville’s filmmaking style fits this subject perfectly. The excellent footage often just speaks for itself and Neville makes wonderful use of the hundreds of hours he had at his disposal. The stories…

  • Apostle



    This is my fucking jam. Gareth Evans knows how to film an exhilarating action sequence. The visceral camerawork and gory violence from the Raid franchise can be seen here to satisfying effect. With stunning cinematography, a haunting score, excellent production design, and a constant sense of dread, you’ve got a makings of a horror classic. I find it fitting that I watched The Wicker Man (1973) for the first time earlier today, as this is basically that film on drugs.…

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  • Border



    Unique and creative in a way few movies can pull off. The premise of this film is so out there that I really recommend checking it out without any prior knowledge. This film is so very weird in its content but so very effective in its storytelling and presentation. As a whole, the film is almost equal parts beautiful and unsettling. The performances and make-up work is just fantastic and there are certain scenes that will stick with me for some time... While not perfect, this is the kind of genre-bending, unpredictable, and original filmmaking we should all be supporting. 
    Grade: B+

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Totally bland and uncreative in nearly every sense but I’ll try not to be too negative about it. The 90’s aesthetic worked for me and the set design for those scenes are much nicer than the CGI everything found around the beginning and end of the film. The de-aging of Samuel L. Jackson looks fantastic and I really enjoyed all of his scenes. The arc of Ben Mendelsohn’s character was unexpected and I’m always a fan of seeing him. The…

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    Every bit as disturbing as I was expecting it to be. I left the theater just so happy that I was able to see it in one. I wasn’t planning on settling for the R-rated edit of the film so seeing every bit of the gruesome murders made for a blast with an audience. Matt Dillon is just stellar as Jack. He’s intimidating and entirely psychopathic but I didn’t want to look away from him for a second. The filmmaking…

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    Wow. The black-and-white imagery and 4:3 aspect ratio look absolutely stunning in every shot. The framing and camera movement are so meticulous and beautiful leading to some fantastic visual storytelling and insanely crisp images. These two lead performances are captivating and I’m really happy to see that Pawel Pawlikowski received an Oscar nomination for his direction here. It’s really amazing how grand this film feels and how many years it covers, considering the runtime is less than 90 minutes. Honestly, I would’ve enjoyed more time with these characters.
    Grade: A-