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  • Tenet



    The thing about Christopher Nolan’s Tenet - the first major film to arrive in theaters since the beginning of the pandemic - is that it’s the film where he finally admits to not giving a fuck about characters or story beyond structure. By mostly shedding his restraints that showed up in prior films like Interstellar and Inception, he’s let himself go wild.

    Tenet is admittedly a slightly messy effort (though by no means confusing or hard to follow: frankly, any accusations to it…

  • Black Is King

    Black Is King



    “It’s a little jarring at first to press play on Black Is King and see the Disney logo pop up as the instrumental for “When You Wish Upon a Star” plays. The media conglomerate’s history with Black people has been one twisted by racism from its executives and its films. Fantasia and Dumbo both dealt in negative stereotypes about Black people. Song of the South may have won two Oscars, but…

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  • The Mother and the Whore

    The Mother and the Whore


    Ennui has never been so sharp or insightful.

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    Henry Cavil as a himbo in a tight that’s cinema baby

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  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    Disney’s Annihilation.


  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built

    Lars Von Trier: Hey man, doesn’t life suuuuck? And doesn’t the life of an artist suuuuck? Aren’t serial killers the same as serious artists? Aren’t their victims, in a sense, a work of art? Hey, aren’t I a serious artist? Isn’t my entire filmography full of violent and disgusting things? Doesn’t Matt Dillon in this movie I directed remind you of me? Doesn’t his appalling crimes in this movie remind you of my movies and how they’re received by audiences?…