Klaus ★★★★

Who knew that all it would take for the world of Netflix Christmas movies to finally break out of mediocrity was to add some animation to it?

Klaus, arguably the best Christmas movie since Arthur Christmas hit American theaters eight long winters ago, is a simple yet heartfelt origin story for the legend of Santa Claus. The gifts, the stockings, the coal; it’s all covered in here. It’s your typical origin story, but the voice cast adds genuine warmth to the proceedings. 

Best of all is the stunning animation. Remember when Disney used to mix 3D and 2D to try and create a unique world on screen? Klaus is the descendant of the ballroom sequence from Beauty and the Beast, the Cave of Wonders flight scene from Aladdin, and the wildebeest stampede of The Lion King. However, director Sergio Pablos and his team of animators have worked out all the kinks and delivered a jaw-droppingly gorgeous movie, one that looks like a children’s oil paint storybook brought to life.

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