Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

It’s in the new Spider-Man films that the artistic shallowness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe becomes painfully clear. Every film in this series is just another cog in a well-oiled machine, and though some of them are very good, even great, they’re all just part of a bigger corporate vision. Spider-Man: Far From Home acts as an epilogue for the massive Infinity Saga, and the flaws come from that. It’s too busy being focused on wrapping up the loose ends left behind by Endgame and the Snap’s reversal (known here as “the Blip”), while setting up possibilities for the future of the franchise at the same time.

Some of those possibilities are not what general audiences could expect, given what’s in the trailers. After all the computer-generated fighting and enjoyable hysterics from Jake Gyllenhaal, what’s left is a intermittently entertaining slog, shot with a pedestrian eye and a lack of visual flavor. The overall lack of interest seeps out from the script and into the cast, who are mostly sleep-walking through the motions (though I admire Zendaya’s clear boredom with the series). Tom Holland is still good, but even here there’s signs of disinterest. Then again, given how he’s not given much to do besides mourn over Tony Stark and fight big, expensive, yet mediocre-looking CGI monsters and drones, it’s hard to blame him. 

Far From Home might appear to be a fun romp in Europe, but if you’re seeking action-packed thrills and lovable characters, it’s best to try and find those somewhere else. If you still want European adventures, just stay home and watch EuroTrip, which this movie is indebted to far more than you might think.

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