Booksmart ★★★★

"Oh, my God, my car is fuuucked uuuup."

Relatable, witty and dazzling in its eccentricity, Olivia Wilde really does knock it out of the park in 'Booksmart,' her directorial debut whose reviews certainly didn't lead me astray - it's funny, sympathetic and overly wild without feeling too ridiculous, sans a few moments. It's a beautiful coming-of-age film, one amplified by the magnificent chemistry shared between the two leads of Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, two actresses I look forward to seeing more of in the near future as they're as comical as they are endearing. The supporting cast was also great, if not a bit overly eccentric and impossible at times, and their own side plotlines make for some of the funniest and most surprising scenes throughout. This film is a lot of fun and certainly contains something for everyone.

The soundtrack was a bit too electrified and amped for my tastes but I get that's not the case for high school kids today. Even beyond that, I thought a lot of the dialogue, cliques and varying character aspects and attitudes were pretty believable and relatable from my high school days. I especially enjoyed the twists of who these high schoolers are, as some sequences peel back their personal facade to unveil who they truly are beneath. It was both entertaining and enjoyable while also speaking volumes about high school life and who we are as individuals, along with why it's always important to strive for the best while simultaneously being who you want to be and enjoying life.

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