Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★½

"It’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought with speaking the truth."

I set myself a challenge for this year, and while I clearly went overboard in trying to accomplish it, this marks my 1,000th logged film in 2022. Ridiculous. Regardless, while not as gripping as its predecessor and a mystery that felt all-but-obvious to me before the first act wrapped, I'm still delighted to see the originality brought to the table in Rian Johnson's 'Glass Onion,' the sequel to his 2019 hit that features Daniel Craig forging a new, post-Bond path for himself as handsome and urbane detective Benoit Blanc. And while I can't accept Benoit Blanc loathing 'Clue,' there's no denying the happiness I feel in seeing him break down a case and run through all the suspects in painstaking detail.

And once again, Johnson assembles another incredible cast of murky characters who all have their own suspicious mannerisms and reasons for wanting to commit murder. Sadly, most of them ring hollow as actual killers and I didn't find myself terribly shocked in the end "twist," especially given how much the film avoids flirting with the idea for the first two-thirds. Still, it's tough not to love the actors on display here, even if some of them don't get the screentime they deserve. Special kudos go to a scenery-chewing Edward Norton and the real standout over Craig's Blanc, Janelle Monáe (but when isn't she fantastic?)

Overall, I loved this new setting, the cast is just as brilliant, and I was a huge fan of how some scenes are later replayed from a new perspective, showcasing how something mundane or ordinary is actually way more sinister or mysterious when displayed from a new point of view. It doesn't always work and some of it feels too neatly tied up in certain respects but the series clearly hasn't lost its overall strength with this sequel and I'm already itching to see the third one.

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