Heat ★★★★★

"You live among the remains of dead people."

A masterpiece of crime, characterization and realism, Michael Mann's 'Heat' has always been one of the coolest fucking movies to ever exist. Robert de Niro is criminally handsome and smooth in this and Al Pacino exudes his usual manic gravitas and charm in his pursuit of the bad guys. Every scene is a painting and so many shots are iconic, breathtaking, and jaw-dropping in their filmic captures.

I know of no other bank heist sequence that's as gritty, loud and frenetic as the main one here, where thousands of rounds are used per take and the scale and danger on display is simply unfathomable. It gets my heart racing every time and deserves to be seen with the volume cranked. Each gunshot thumps in your chest and gets you flinching with anxiety in such a fun way that it ends up the most atmospheric and gripping action film in this respect.

I have nothing but praise, admiration and fierce loyalty for 'Heat' and all its perfections and idiosyncrasies. It's a true paragon in its arena, with blazing performances dripping in context and believability, insanely chaotic setpieces and shootouts, and a trail of details and clues that add further layers to an already thrilling world. One could definitely consider this the magnum opus of one of my all time favorite directors, a man whose style and love for repetition translated into the greatest heist thriller in existence.

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