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This review may contain spoilers.

This psychological experimental film from Ingmar Bergman, while being nowhere close to being my favorite of his work, is still intriguing in its play on numerous themes, including identity and duality, regret, sexuality, and more as Bibi Andersson's Alma, a nurse, works with Liv Ulmann's (both women giving fiery performances) Elisabet Vogler, a recently mute actress, in the hopes of unveiling what exactly has caused her recent vow of silence. Of course, some wild twists and unnerving self revelations are made through the short running time as we come to realize their personae are more than melding, in a sense, but I do feel that the film could've said a lot more than it did. I admire the subtext and themes throughout, of course, but it still manages to dull and drag a bit.

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