Prey ★★★½

"This is as far as you go. No more. This is it."

The best installment of the 'Predator' franchise since the original, Dan Trachtenberg's 'Prey' blends Comanche history with the elements that made the first such a classic. Amber Midthunder is tremendous in the role of Naru, a fearless young warrior in the 1700s who's looking to make a name for herself yet gets more than she bargained for with the arrival of the Predator, who has a slightly varied and monstrous new look yet a performance almost entirely dominated by CGI in the first half, which was a shame. However, this was about the only complaint I had in the end and we're eventually treated to an actual actor in the role. It's fast-paced and wild without sacrificing character development, and while it goes about how you'd expect, it's still rewarding in its final scenes of heroics. The ferocious action weaved throughout is a real treat and makes this an all-around juicy action-thriller, a refreshing takeaway after decades of duds and forgettable installments for the series.

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