Ready or Not

Ready or Not

"You wanted to get married."

A horror comedy that's completely bereft of the horror and scares yet full of punchlines and lighthearted moments that totally fall flat, 'Ready or Not' is a tonal misfire, one inevitable in its ending and filled with plot holes and issues that are untouched yet result in huge issues for the main characters once the credits roll. It's inconsistent, the dialogue at times doesn't match up with what's unfolding on screen, it uses poorly timed jump scares that are predictable to heighten the circumstances and the characters themselves are pretty unlikable and constantly engage in idiotic decisions, Samara Weaving's included. In the end, it's a blending of genres that doesn't work and never pays off in any real form or fashion. A shame, I was really anticipating this movie and what it would offer.

Where the film does shine, however, is in its sets - the set design is incredible and the sprawling mansion (and outlying grounds) that the film entirely takes place in are a grand mixture of symmetric beauty and olden design work. It's just unfortunate that the chase sequences and moments of action - what little of them there are - that unfold within these areas are so far removed from any sense of tension and tonally off-balance. I do wish I had more positives to share here, as I avoided most footage and all spoilers for this in the hopes that it'd be an incredible genre film, but sadly the majority of it plays out as yet another forgettable horror film in a sea of many that feels like a direct to home video production more than it is a ritzy Hollywood production.

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