Synchronic ★★★★

"Go back inside, you high as fuck!"

Uniquely paralyzing and inventive as a whole, 'Synchronic' is a trippy thriller where a new designer drug is responsible for a recent series of mysterious deaths, and it's up to a paramedic who doesn't have long to live himself to help his best friend's daughter return home, a victim of the same drug's powerful effects. For me, it was one of Anthony Mackie's best performances - he slips into the sci-fi genre so flawlessly - and the way he endures heavy substance abuse and such devastating losses throughout but still perseveres to do something remarkable is incredible. I also enjoyed that it was a "crazy new drug causes X to happen" type of film that managed to feel really realistic and never too cheesy, one of my usual grievances with this sub-genre. It was wonderfully engaging and never felt like it was too over the top. This one was very entertaining, distinctive and worthy of a viewing.

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