The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

"Why'd ye spill yer beans?"

Rewatch Review: Robert Eggers stuns once again with his visionary and mythological 'The Lighthouse,' a film anchored by two blistering performances from Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, some of the best of their careers, which is truly saying something when it comes to these two, and some of the crispest cinematography in the last few years. It's a psychotic delight getting to watch these two sink further into uncertainty and madness - is someone being gaslit or are things truly as supernatural and impossible as they seem? - and throttle the line between intimacy and hostility, where threats segue into slow dances and passionate story-telling devolves into fisticuffs. It may not reach the heights of blunt horror and scares that his previous film 'The Witch' attains but damn, it's certainly one of the more unique horror-thriller experiences I've had, one that's dripping in tension, unreliability and foul attitudes.

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